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Dark Curtain

The Horsehead Nebula over an alien seascape

Dark Curtain (1996) - The familiar Horsehead Nebula hangs like a menacing thunderhead over the shoreline of an alien planet. This fanciful scene borrows the Horsehead's appearance as seen in long-exposure photos taken through large telescopes. The backdrop of glowing hydrogen--depicted bright enough here to cast shadows--would actually be all but invisible, even from such a close vantage point.

Copyright 1996, James Hervat



NOTE: the watermarks seen on the above image do not appear on the prints.

High-quality reproductions of all the artwork in this gallery are available from my secure Print Store. They are offered in a range of sizes, printed on paper, canvas or other print substrates. Prints can be ordered unframed or you can choose from a selection of framing and matting options. Orders are usually shipped in 2-3 business days and come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee return policy. Please see the PRINTS page for more information and a link to the Print Store.


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