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Daybreak at Rima Hadley


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Daybreak at Rima Hadley - (2016) While the first three Apollo missions to the surface of the Moon touched down on the relatively smooth--and safe--lunar maria regions, the Apollo 15 landing site was nothing short of spectacular. The mission targeted an area located at the eastern "shore" of the gigantic Imbrium basin, next to the sinuous channel called Rima Hadley. This daring mission plan required a landing maneuver that challenged the mighty lunar Apennine mountain range, which formed a jagged 15,000-foot wall that stood just before the landing site. The Lunar Module's approach angle was twice that of previous missions in order to clear the peaks.

Depicted here is the dramatic moment when astronauts Scott, Irwin and Worden first gazed down at their eventual destination, still hidden in the mountain shadows. The Apennine range sweeps diagonally toward the upper right, with the Caucasus Mountains above the spacecraft near the lunar horizon. At top center are the shadow-filled craters Aristillus, with Autolycus just below and Archimedes just catching the rising sun at left. The Rima Hadley channel itself is located just to the left of center, meandering in and out of the mountain shadows (it is better seen in one of the detail images below).

Copyright 2016, James Hervat




NOTE: the watermarks seen on the images do not appear on the prints.

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Detail view of Apollo Service and Lunar Modules

Detail view of craters Aristillus and Autolycus

Detailview of Hadley rille

Apollo high gain antenna array

Detail view of spacecraft components


Below - An Earth-based photo showing the eastern edge of the Moon's Imbrium basin, including the Apollo 15 landing site. The sun angle is approximately the same as depicted in the artwork. This is the rugged, forbidding, shadow-filled landscape that greeted the Apollo crew as they first passed over the landing site. Major lunar features seen here are identified in the artwork caption at the top of the page.

As in the artwork, the landing site itself is still hidden in the mountain shadows. HOVER OVER the photo to see the same region as it looked later in another lunar morning (the two images were actually taken several months apart). In this second image the landing site (indicated by the arrow) and the winding Hadley Rille have now emerged from the shadows.

Photos by the artist.

Earth based image of Apollo landing area


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