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Thank you for visiting my space art gallery. I grew up with the Space Age, and some of the work shown here represents my own visual account of the most awe-inspiring missions of exploration in human history--much of it created at the time these momentous events occurred. This art has been published internationally and widely exhibited for over forty years. I am proud and privileged that some of my illustrations chronicling our ground-breaking journeys to other worlds has appeared in major publications such as National Geographic, Astronomy, and Sky and Telescope.

As you tour the gallery you will also find other depictions of alien vistas, some revealed by the eyes of our exploring spacecraft, and still other scenes that transport the imagination many light-years across our own galaxy--and far beyond.

Perhaps my own favorite settings are those that showcase the quiet beauty of the night sky as seen from our own planet. I suppose they remind of the simpler times of my own childhood. This was before I knew of places called Vallis Marineris and Aphrodite Terra, and before the the stunning beauties revealed by the Hubble Space Telescope. While I consider myself exceedingly fortunate to have lived to witness (and be inspired by) the scientific revelations of the Space Age, I still miss the brief time in my life before it all happened. This was when, as a kid, I stood next to my backyard telescope on a clear night and the universe was still all mine to imagine as I gazed out across the ocean of stars.

Jim Hervat


Prints Available -

High-quality reproductions of the artwork seen in this gallery can be purchased through my print store. Prints are available on paper, canvas or other substrates, unframed or framed and in a range of sizes. Orders are usually shipped within 2-3 days and come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Take a walk through the gallery, see the art, read the stories behind the art, and then go to the Prints page for more information and a link to the Print Store.


Space Art in the Living Room??

If you have always liked space art but thought it was more suited for display in dens, offices or libraries--but not quite at home in the living room--please see the gallery's artwork depicting the Great Comets. The images of these ethereal cosmic visitors that graced our skies throughout history will add a touch of serene beauty to any setting and make great conversation pieces that should not be hidden in a back room!