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This page is under construction.

I am also a photographer. Some of this work may or may not be of interest to those that are visiting the gallery to see the space art. On this page, in addition to astrophotography, there will be samples some of my own other favorite subjects: nature, motorsports and some of the work done in my commercial studio might be thrown in as well. For those who do take the time to look, thank you! As always, any comments, discussions are welcome and appreciated.

I will try to keep most future postings on this page astronomy-related. Be assured you will not be subjected to family or baby pictures (we're all pretty ugly).

As time permits, more images will be added. For now, a few representative images are displayed below.

- JH


Photo of Moons southern highlands

Photo of Moon crater Copernicus

Photo galaxy NGC 891


Photo of robin mother and family


Photo, fashion headshot

Photo, commercial product


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